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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stepping Forward, Without a Doubt

Frugal -- "requiring few resources"    

Thank you, Dictionary.com, for providing a myriad of phrases for me to choose from to find the one that best applies to this particular circumstance.

We are now, officially, a one-car family once again.

"Again?"  You may ask.  Yes, again.  :-)

When Andrew and I made the move from Orlando, FL to Norman, OK in 2006, we decided that we didn't need to have two cars...probably a good call since neither of us had a job lined up once we got there, and since we owned both cars outright, we could sell one and make a little cash.  We stayed a one-car family until just after Annabelle was born in 2009.  It wasn't easy, but we made it work. 

Going to two cars seemed like such an amazing luxury when it happened!  And here we are, choosing to go back to one vehicle...for a few months, anyway.  (Peanut coming along this Spring will either require new carseats or a van.  We'll see how the Lord provides.)  Are we crazy?  Nope.  Really.  We've just had to prioritize, and looking at our budget, there's no wiggle room for the tires that the Mitsubishi needs, or the registration fee that's come due.  Normally, we're really good about staying on top of things, but the past year I've not been able to focus on much outside of my kids....  No excuses, just stating the way things are.

So...this past weekend we decided  that the best thing to do was to park the Mitsubishi until we sell it.  (A side note -- we don't owe any on either of our cars.  If we had a car payment, things might be different.)  I called Monday and got the insurance switched to just comprehensive.  (If we'd had a garage to put it in, we probably would have canceled the insurance altogether.)  Yeah!  A little bit to add to the pot!  :-)  Little by little, this choice is adding up the dollars...and gas will be less, too.  Wahoo!

Today was the first day that we had to get the kids around so that we could take Andrew to work.  (Wednesdays and Thursdays I need the car, regardless.)  Oh, me.  I'm a bit out of practice getting the munchkins going!  Sorry, Hubby, that you were a bit on the late side this morning!  We'll do better tomorrow, I promise!

While it's a bit inconvenient to have only one car, it's worth it.  I'm excited about feeling like I am making a choice that makes a difference in our financial health!  For those of you who feel that it's absolutely impossible to live life with only one vehicle, take a second look -- is it truly impossible (& I know families where it really wouldn't work) or is it just irritatingly inconvenient?  For us, it is definitely a step forward...without a doubt!

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  1. Way to go Hurleys! It's nice to find something that works. We would not be able to give up a car at this point. Matt works almost an hour away and the kids must get to and from school! Matt just keeps his old beater that gets great gas mileage and we keep minimum insurance on it. It works for us. But it is always good to see how little you can live with. I think it might be handy in the days to come! Love you girl!