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Monday, January 10, 2011

Menu Monday

Menu Monday again?  Whatever happened to last week?  :-)  I hope that someone was inspired to try something new or at least fill in a slot with an old favorite that they had forgotten about! 

In spite of it "already" being time for Menu Monday again, I must confess that things didn't completely go as planned last week.  Friday afternoon, my wonderful husband took the munchkins out on an errand giving me some quiet time alone.  Aaaahhh.  I do appreciate moments where I hear only the background sounds -- the heater coming on and going off, a car door slamming across the street, the idiot who has the bass turned up so loud in his car it rattles my windows....  Needless to say, I did not take that time to cook, clean, organize.  No, no, no.  I caught up online with a few things and grabbed a catnap while they were gone.  Lovely.  So...the kids had oatmeal ("eat"meal as W has called it since he first put a word with it.  *smile*), Hubby had leftovers, and I had popcorn and apple slices. 

Popcorn and apple slices -- that's a blast from the past!  We used to have that growing up when we watched movies on our blue and white TV with the VHS player we had rented along with the movie from the movie rental store.  The Man from Snowy River, Star Trek (could the docking and undocking scenes have taken any longer????), The North Avenue Irregulars (I must find this movie!  It's a classic Disney film that still makes me laugh out loud, and made my aunt wet her pants in the theater she was laughing so hard!  Sorry, Aunt Kathy -- you have been sold out!), The Apple Dumpling Gang...I believe I hear feint strains of Memories...I digress...again!  My most humble apologies.  Chalk it up to the late hour I'm "penning" this and pregger hormones!  :-)

Here we go -- let's see if I get any wild hairs and expound on any menu choices for the week!  :-)
  • Monday -- BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches (Finally!)
  • Tuesday -- Potato Soup & Cornbread (because other things got moved, this did, too.)
    • The high here is only supposed to be in the 20s (yikes!) -- perfect day for potato soup!
  • Wednesday -- Chili & Crackers
  • Thursday -- Chili & Crackers
    • I'm tempted to try & make homemade crackers, but don't hold your breath on that one.  :-)  I did, however, make homemade soft pretzels last week!  Funny thing?  So did my sister!  Great minds....
  • Friday -- Spaghetti & Homemade Artisan Bread
    • You had to know that spaghetti was on the menu for this week!  We didn't have it last week, and I don't think Hubby could handle it if I made him go another week without it.  :-)
    • I really want to try my hand at homemade artisan bread, and this seems like the perfect day for it.  Hubby gets Backwoods Home magazine, and a while back they had an article on making it from scratch.  I just have to find the magazine now.  Oh, boy.  At least I have a few days since I'm writing this on Sunday/Monday and not Thursday!  I'll see if it's on their website, and if I can share it.  You know I love y'all, but I'm not sure I'm up to typing up a full bread recipe in here! 
  • Saturday -- Leftover Lunch, & Dinner Waffles
  • Sunday -- Leftover Lunch & Breakfast Casserole  (I use that term loosely...maybe Breakfast Hash would be more appropriate.) 
    • Cook up a skillet full of hashbrowns til they're crisp and pull them out of the skillet to drain. 
    • Cook 1 cup(-ish) of chopped ham in the leftover oil with some garlic powder & onion powder (to taste).
    • To the ham add about 8 eggs beaten with about 1/4 c of water & scramble it all together. 
    • Just before the eggs are finished, add the hashbrowns back in and mix them together.
    • Once the eggs are fully cooked, top with shredded cheddar cheese or American cheese slices.  Cover & cook til the cheese is bubbly.
    • Serve with salsa or ketchup (my preference & favorite!).
    • Enjoy!
Happy week!  Stay warm!   :-)


  1. Hey girl, I own North Avenue Irregulars! Maybe that will draw you over to my house sometime when you are in town :)

  2. Gina -- It's going to be a while til I get back to Siloam...maybe you should bring it over to my house for us to watch together! :-)
    Love you!