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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Granola Mama? For Real!

I never figured myself for a "Granola Girl."  Not the eatin' kind, the lifestyle kind!  (See my Granola Recipe post & you'll know, I'm all about the eatin' of the granola...and now, the making of it!  Hold on, I'm getting ahead of myself!) 

Not that I've ever been a girly-girl.  Heaven forbid.  (Don't get your panties in a twist -- I have nothing against girly-girls...in fact, I think I've got one on my hands!  AB loves pink and anything sparkly...*sigh*)

 Before I had kids I bought pre-packaged food and didn't think twice about it.

Before I had kids, I never really thought about what was in my cleaners.  If it did the job well and quickly, wahoo!  Who cares if I had to open the window so that I could breathe?  I mean, really!  (Now I'm trying to keep things non-toxic, but effective.  Thank you, Melaleuca!  If you're interested, I'll be happy to share with you about it.  I love the stuff!)

Before I had kids, I was too timid to try making my own yeast bread.  (Not that I do it a whole lot now, but I've ventured into it.  I'll get there!).

Before I had kids, the thought of grinding my own grain was ludicrous, and now I have hard white wheat berries just waiting for me to grind them and make them into yummy baked goodies.  (I'm just about to order a WonderMill; can't wait to tell y'all all about it!)

Before I had kids, I was convinced there was no way that I'd do natural childbirth, and it wasn't until after my first that I even considered trying.  (I've done it twice now, and HIGHLY recommend it over doing it with pain medication. If you're interested, I'll gladly share my stories personally!)

Before I had kids, there was NO way that I was doing cloth diapers.  I've actually spent several hours this past week doing research on it.  (Not to say we're headed that way, but it's moved from the "No way in hell!" category to the "Maybe we could do this" category.) 

Before I had kids, yogurt was only made at home when we lived in the mountains of Papua New Guinea because we couldn't get it at the store.  (Now I make it at least once a week!  Good grief!) 

Before I had kids, making granola was something fun to do when you were bored.  Now, I do it so that I know exactly what's in it...and it's a lot easier than I remember from my childhood and super-duper yummy!  

Even after I had kids, there was no way I was going to make or use kefir.  Nasty! or so I thought.  (Not sure what kefir is?  For now, you'll have to Google it til I can get a post done.)  I actually have some kefir milk grains in the fridge right now to start my first batch in the morning.  Who would have thunk it?  Not me. 

So here I am, pretty much a "Granola Mama," and I'm ok with that.  Really.  :-)


  1. I thought I commented the other day....hmmm. Wanted to say that the granola mama lifestyle would be right up my street!! :-) Good to see you back online and blogging.

  2. If we were closer geographically, Silke, it would be fun to do together!